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hello hello!! My name is Barry AKA Dr. Worm, and I welcome you to my humble website! I've tried to learn coding, specifically HTML and CSS, many times in my life, but have never tried to fully apply it to my own website. But then in 2020 while bored and anxious during quarantine, I learned about neocities from a friend. This was exactly what I needed, frustrated with modern social media and exhausted by the pandemic, something both apart of a community yet not drowning in the ultramonetized world of modern social media. So I set up an account, got a layout down, and started planning my website.

and then I got frustrated and abandoned neocities for several months.

This happens often, as I deal with ADHD I often pick up and drop hobbies after hitting minor roadblocks, eager to move onto the next project. However, I never fully let go of my desire to build my own little corner of the internet, and recently something made me wish to return and give this whole website thing another shot. So here we are! I hope you enjoy everything my humble site has to offer, and maybe you'll consider setting up a site of your own!
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My blog title is inspired by the opening line of one of my favorite songs of all time, maya the psychic:
we're not just dreamers, we're the kind that comprehend
The song is more specifically about gerard and his stuggle with mental health and audio hallucinations, a struggle i've shared at many points in my life. This line specifically however, is more aspirational to me. To move past dreaming, past imagining my own life, and instead bringing it to life around me. I want to be an active part of my own life rather than simply floating through, to comprehend my dreams and bring them into my reality!

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