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Hello Hello!

My name is Barry AKA Dr. Worm, and I welcome you to my humble website! I've tried to learn coding, specifically HTML and CSS, many times in my life, but have never tried to fully apply it to my own website. But then in 2020 while bored and anxious during quarantine, I learned about neocities from a friend. This was exactly what I needed, frustrated with modern social media and exhausted by the pandemic, something both apart of a community yet not drowning in the ultramonetized world of modern social media. So I set up an account, got a layout down, and started planning my website.

and then I got frustrated and abandoned neocities for several months.

This happens often, as I deal with ADHD I often pick up and drop hobbies after hitting minor roadblocks, eager to move onto the next project. However, I never fully let go of my desire to build my own little corner of the internet, and recently something made me wish to return and give this whole website thing another shot. So here we are! I hope you enjoy everything my humble site has to offer, and maybe you'll consider setting up a site of your own!


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Hello hello! It's Barry. This is my third time typing up this update because I keep not finishing and thne forgetting to save because times are...weird. I started this year with a new job that I was really excited for but this last sunday, I got let go. It broke my heart a bit and has left me in kind of a flurry. That, as well as other personal things this past month have left me very tired and in a bit of a weird mood.

Regardless of the weird mood, I took the time to change around my main theme in time for valentines day! Sweet pinks and purples and a digital bear that loves you. I've always said changing around the themes seasonally is maybe my favorite part of neocities (you can tell from how bad i am at finishing other projects lol). I hope everyone is well and I'm sending you all love, stay warm!

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pink, horizontal rectangle button that reads 'kiss my kitt' with a small black cat face to its left blue, horizontal rectangle button that reads 'I'm a boy girl'
orange, horizontal rectangle button which says 'I'm a girl boy' in white text green horizontal rectangle button which says kerropi in white text. On the left side of the text is a white box with art of kerropi, a small cartoon frog, rolling its eyes
A horizontal rectangle button split into 2 colors, a square of pink with white text that says 'got' and an blue longer rectangle that says 'comics?' forming the full statement'got comics?'