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Hello hello! It's Barry. This is my third time typing up this update because I keep not finishing and thne forgetting to save because times are...weird. I started this year with a new job that I was really excited for but this last sunday, I got let go. It broke my heart a bit and has left me in kind of a flurry. That, as well as other personal things this past month have left me very tired and in a bit of a weird mood.

Regardless of the weird mood, I took the time to change around my main theme in time for valentines day! Sweet pinks and purples and a digital bear that loves you. I've always said changing around the themes seasonally is maybe my favorite part of neocities (you can tell from how bad i am at finishing other projects lol). I hope everyone is well and I'm sending you all love, stay warm!


Hey December...

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates over November :(. I actually did do some behind the scenes work on remastering some of my shrines (sorry if those are currently out of commission, i have everything up and running soon) but other than that its just been. Well, i guess hectic is the word. Lots of personal life stuff, health problmes, work problems, school problems, lost a family pet, pretty much everything that could be throw at me was thrown at me and it left me in a million directions. I'm currently in what i'm considering " repair mode" as I try to get my sleep schedule and diet back under control while searching for new work and killing loots of time. I was thrilled to realize I still had a main page theme to shift to winter

In heavier world news outside of me, the genocide happening in Palestine has been weighing down on the world. I'm not sure if I have much to add as an American who only has a tangential connection to Palestine, and a lack of resources to help. I send love and support, I hope for safety, freedom, and joy. It makes this Chanukah a somber and reflective one for the Jewish community, how our own prosecution molded into cruelty, how our vigilance has become dehumanizing paranoia, causing us to recreate history as the perpetrators, obsessed with maintaining a city-state over maintaining any sense of humanity.

This is heavy for a website blog, but when something thus heavy is laid on the world, its hard to feel comfortable discusing anything else. I hope you are having a nice winter, sending love to all of you.



Its been quite an october! Los of doctors visits and missed classes and new jobs (!!!) keeping me busy. I haven't had much time for the site because of this, which bums me out. I'm still very happy with the new layout, its just so fun!

I went as Fionna from the new Fionna and Cake series (I'll add photos to the blog page tomorrow) and mostly stuck to staying in and keeping cozy this year. I got to hand out some candy, but mostly i just sat around baking pilsbury pre made cookies and talking to friends online while brutalmoose's playthrough of that spooky barista game played as soothing background noise. I did also get to bleach my hair, which was so fun!

I'm not sure when I'll have the time to more regularly update the site, I still have to catch up with school as well as taking care of myself and readjusting to some health changes. Hopefully soon I'll have more energy to really indulge in my hobbies and get the site moving again!

Had to work with what was left of the cooking parchment

New haircut

My halloween costume. Going as Fionna from the new Adventure Time miniseries. Made the hat myself!

Finished cookies featuring my sappho mug


oh my god. It's done.

this update I'm writing rn is the last thing I have to do before updating my sites main page. I've been having so much fun playing around and figuring out how I really want my site to look, and I feel super happy with how it turned out!! This project has really revived my love for working on this little site, and has me re-energized to work on other little projects that i've either abandoned or just haven't had the time to polish up. I'm also moving my update log to a seperate page instead of keeping them all trapped in a little box. Everytime I update here, I'll wipe this clean instead of having an overwhelming clog of backlogs. I am, however, a digital hoarder, and I moved all of my backlogs over to the new journal page that I just made. It'll also be a full text page and likely a bit more readable than the miniblog. I'm still playing with the new setup, so we'll see how it goes.

you'll notice there's about 1000 other changes I've made to the site.

  • beautiful new setup, template courtesy of ahwe. They made a wonderful template, simple enough to stil be customizable if you barely understand HTML (like me). I just feel like i have more SPACE now, I can stretch out and throw all my shit everywhere. I can even add a header pic of my favorite anime girls at the top, a function every website should have.
  • I have a music player!!!!!!! It's a classic scm player and it mostly has midi, 8 bit, and miku covers of songs I like.
  • I figured out how cbox worked, and now have a little chat on the main page! I'm still keeping the guestbook around, cause I think theyre both fun and have a different vibe, so check out either/both if you wanna say hi
  • I'm not totally sure what cliques are but I'm in one! and I made a little section for my mutuals (currently just the ones w buttons as I'm trying to figure out how to make the links look cute)
  • kool korner is currently where I keep my lovely button collection and any fun odds and ends I want over there. My gifypet is too big for it, so I'll need to find her a spot somewhere else
  • As mentioned above, I'm tinkering with my updates setup. The tome I'm writing probably isn't much fun to red in the miniblog (and future updates will be shorter) but I also have a (currently very ugly) dedicated page to my updates now! No more squinting at the corner of the screen!
  • I'm putting gifs fucking everywhere, i have a whole exra section where I can make little gif dioramas now. I have about a million of thoseweird ass garden fairie gifs and once i learn what "float" means, its over for you bitches.

Still in progress is an archives page. all my past site setups are archived at my Internet Archives account, bit I wanna make a lil archive page where you can click thru and experience the old sites straght from the new one. Also working on a page to show off my projects, many of which currently scattered across the internet from tumbkr to I also have the shrines as fun long-term projects. now im thinking of giving them all different site templates instead of making them all spinoff versions of the home template. At the very least, the MCR shrine is gonna go full myspace. Ok, its almost 6 AM and im all wired up on coding now but ill see if I can sleep. Hope oy guys like the new site :) goodnight


  • Hello! Currently finally getting back into coding and doing a TON of work to do a full site overhaul. I found a new template that I LOVE that I think should be ready...tommorow? Im just putting the finishing touches. I also plan to overhaul all the other sites I have up (rip my many unfinished site projects still on hold, as is the nature of hobby sites) and I think it'll look super sick!!! Rn I do wanna update this setup one last time for fall and archive it, So I hope y'all are excited for that :)
  • 07/27/23

  • the grand return! Set myself up a summer theme finally, I've missed doing the theme flips so much, its so fun to dig thru the internet for new gifs, background tiles, and color palattes to switch everything around to try and express a feeling of "summer". I especially love sorting through gifcities and seeing all the old forgotten gifs from back in the 90s and 00s and finding new ways to use them.
  • 05/29/23

  • Sick again! more vague and painful stomach and fatigue issues bringing me down but it has given me the time to do some updates :)
  • added all the buttons and blinkies ive been collecting to my homepage sidebar. Also fixed the scrolling on my main page so now the sidebar properly scrolls which i was having issues with
  • Hyperlinks page changes! Added a new section where I can put fansites and fan wikis I love, currently holding 2 lovely kirby fansite wikis and I'll be adding more as time goes on. I also got rid of the text for the neocities sites and compiled them to a collection of buttons and added some new sites to the misc section at the bottom of the page.
  • 05/09/23

  • found out that BMAC lets you add cute little buttons, so I tossed one where the link was before!
  • added a LOT of info to the mcr page in the post-mcr section, talking about their solo work and non musical projects.
  • Did some work on the unreleased page for my personal art and writing works.
  • 04/23/23

  • I've been feeling ill lately, and am taking a sick day off work. I'm hoping this means i can take the time today to make some bigger changes to the sites layout. Particularly the shrine page, I want to combine the pages that all fall under one "type" into a single page that links to a collection of similar shrines. The subpages would be similar to's setup but with extra organized pages. I also don't plan on having all the pages be as detailed as the mcr one is (mcr has been my biggest obsession since middle school and the amount of info i already know about it is unmatched by anything else.) the others will likely be breif histories and lists/bits about my favorite characters/collections rather than essays and tangents and extended detailed history lessons (no promises though, anything is possible.)
  • Added some info to the Adventure time page (finally) and plan on adding some info to other empty shrine pages
  • 04/12/23

  • I made a Buy Me A Coffee page. If anyone likes what I have here and wants to drop a tip, thats where to go!
  • 04/10/23

  • Added a new webring to replace yesterweb. Go check out the melonland surf club!
  • 04/01/23

  • Im quitting the internet forever!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!1
  • (april fools)
  • but seriously, i finally figured out the problem with image centering for the MCR shrine and did it by just making a seperate file and going essentially code chunk by code chunk until I found the various issues and fixed them before realizing there were other issues and also fixing those. its 3 AM. maybe I will quit the internet.
  • And before I go, I'd like to give a heartfelt goodbye to the Yesterweb webring, which has shut down this past march. I found many a fun and interesting site on there. Hoping to choose a new main webring to join later this week, but for now i need to sleep.
  • 03/30/23

  • Having a sick day, so i'm usning the free time to finally hit up the site again.
  • Updates to the writing, links, and images in the MCR shrine. Lots of new videos (docs and music videos) now linked. I'm also still struggling with whatever tiny mistake in my code makes it impossible to center any images
  • 3/01/23

  • wow, been awhile! Had a pretty busy february (didnt even have time to do a valentines theme :(. Oh well, always next year) So there's been very few updates here outside of small details added to some shrine pages. Hoping now that my life has evened out a bit and spring is around the corner, more updates big and small will be coming!
  • Right now, I'm changing around the theme and color palatte to more of a spring/summer theme! I think i'll be cycling out themes every once in awhile just for fun. I hope you like the new spring gifs i have scattered around. I love these little sort of kawaii style old internet blob guys I keep running into on gifcities, expect them to just keep popping up.
  • 1/24/23

  • I got accepted into yesterweb!!!
  • 1/21/23

  • Fixed up the themes for the Doom Patrol and Undertale
  • added more info to MCR shrine. Having a great time writing that one out but with how much I wanna write, itll be a long while before its close to polished
  • only technically sitework, but I have been reading just SO much Doom Patrol. I've fully caught up on the silver age and am currently reading Grant's run. Still havent technically read the full 70's/80's run as I wanted to finally get to Grant's run, so I skipped the late 70's run and crossovers.
  • 1/19/23

  • Been a few days! Forgot to do a full update last time, so this'll include a bit of an updates backlog
  • Set up a future page where I'm gonna dump all of my gif collection for the world! Its currently very not ready, and I want to focus on getting some of my shrine pages polished up and finished first.
  • updated and fancied up my front page, adding a comforting fireplace and some lovely framed art as well as some candles to light the way. Grab some tea and get cozy!
  • did lots of work on the sidebar, moved my buttons to there, and am figuring out the careful art of scrollbars
  • gifs everywhere! the best part of hosting a wbesite! New gifs on the shrines main page, the home page, and the sidebar
  • 1/11/23

  • Made progress on the design of my shrine pages. Specifically MCR, Splatoon, Batman, and Adventure Time. Also spruced up the shrine page itself, adding some fun gifs I found. Still struggling to get the formatting how I want (for some reason either neocities or this layout won't let me center images, its frustrating)
  • snazzed up my guestbook with a new setup, background, and header.
  • hoping to get more writing down on some of the shrine pages
  • Also added new hyperlinks and neocities sites to my hyperlink page! check it out if you're interested.
  • 1/11/23

  • Made progress on the design of my shrine pages. Specifically MCR, Splatoon, Batman, and Adventure Time. Also spruced up the shrine page itself, adding some fun gifs I found. Still struggling to get the formatting how I want (for some reason either neocities or this layout won't let me center images, its frustrating)
  • snazzed up my guestbook with a new setup, background, and header.
  • hoping to get more writing down on some of the shrine pages
  • Also added new hyperlinks and neocities sites to my hyperlink page! check it out if you're interested.
  • 1/7/22

  • finally publicly posted the site! Tossed it up on my Tumblr for all the world to see
  • Just figured out how to add scroll bars to different sections of the site, So i'll be able to keep the updates here and date them rather than clearing out this section with every update
  • 1/6/22

  • currently working to move my MCR page to a new layout and get more info out on it
  • Have fully flipped my main page's to sadgrl's layout template! now they look far more how I want them to, and i've gotten to play around with style a lot more.
  • brought in my giftype pet
  • CC0 Public Domain, 2022