Mariner, do not ask whose tomb this may be, but go with good fortune: I wish you a kinder sea. - Plato, translation by Michael R. Burch


Hi! Heres a list of links and sites i've collected over my man years as an internet denizen

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Neocities sites (presented with as little context as possible, go and explore!)

Melon House!
Visit Melonking.Net!

the nexus...
an image of madotsuki from yume nikki, an 8bit girl with brown braids and a pink shirt with a black and white checkered pattern in the center, standing in front of two large eyes. there is a glitching effect over it

haunted dolly
button with dark marbled background with a purple double venus lesbian symblo ald a purple outlined black upside down triangle next to purple text that says Goth Dyke


club nintendo archives

ghosting pen

holly blue
hollyblue button




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  • my abandonware

    a website filled to the brim with old, free to download PC games dating from 1978 to as recent as 2010, Some require an emulator but some games you can play in browser!

  • Doll Divine

    an absolute classic, doll divine holds a huge amounts of doll and avatar makers. I do suggest finding a way to play flash games on desktop as some makers have not be converted from flash

  • eyemaze

    one of my all time favorite sites ever since I was a kid. A series of sort of logic/guessing puzzles made by one man. Amazing art style and extremely sweet and charming!

  • MCR: Sweet Revenge

    one of two old online games created for the release of my chemical romances Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! a fun, challening time

  • CDromance
  • A site full of ROMs, ROMhacks, and translations of retro games both classic and forgotten

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Useful Sitemaking Sites


    website that allows you to create and edit GIFs, edit photos, and convert files to/from WEBP


    a site that allows you to create and link a guestbook for others to comment in!


    free to use javascripts for your site! This is where i found my mouse effect.

  • a page filled with free CSS and HTML tutorials. I pretty much always have it open and its a HUGE help for anyone new to HTML coding

  • A site filled to the brim with free-to-use fonts

  • a small cat named neko that follows around your mouse. Theres multiple different kitty styles for however your site looks

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just some neat-o sites


    type in anything and hear it turned into an AI generated song!


    what it says on the tin, a virtual piano you can play with your keyboard or mouse

  • Magic Pop Manifesto

    A manifesto written by multi-instrumentalist and one third of Kero Kero Bonito, which describes the
    philosophies and methods behind the concept of Magic Pop

  • stain solutions
  • a full library of pretty much every pssoble stain solution, created by the University of Illinois

  • full open access to millions of the Smithsonians images

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